Great software makes sense

When it comes to building great software, focusing on the technology alone isn’t enough. The best mobile solutions start with the desire to understand.

So we listen. We think. We ask questions.
 And we solve problems.

Why Work With Us?

"Smudge are a strategic partner for CCA. It’s great to work with people who just get it. The culture and capability is fantastic and they have exceeded our expectations."
Barry Simpson
Group Chief Information Officer
Coca-Cola Amatil
CCA and Smudge built a productivty suite of apps for field staff.
Smudge partnered with Vodafone and New Zealand Police to create OnDuty, an app used by all 10,000 frontline officers. OnDuty delivers fast access to identity information in the field, and increases the speed and accuracy of reporting.
NZ Police
Mobility and Innovation
"Innovative mobility solutions are hugely important for our customers and Smudge’s ability to develop a customer’s vision into apps that people love makes them a perfect partner, fast-tracking our customers to become Ready Businesses"
Richard Bateman
Head of Enterprise Product
Vodafone New Zealand
Smudge built the Vodafone customer app.
"Smudge played an integral part in bringing SKY's apps to life. They are brilliant to work with; innovative, collaborative and go the extra mile to deliver and awesome final product."
Alex Winter
Senior Product Manager
Sky Television
Smudge and SKY worked together to build the SKY GO and SKY EPG apps.
"What set Smudge apart is their ability to blend a deep understanding of technology with our business needs. The end result was greater than anything we could have come up with ourselves."
Joe Bond
BMW New Zealand
BMW and Smudge build a set of sales tools for BMW floor staff.
"Developing a wellbeing app isn’t an easy task - it needs to be simple, accessible, and fun to use. Smudge delivered on all of these things and the feedback has been fantastic."
Sue Turner
Campaign Manager
All Right?
Smudge and All Right worked on a consumer wellbeing app.
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How we help

Every day, the tools we build help hundreds of thousands of people in ways big and small. We help businesses excel by creating smart, innovative software that people love to use.

The motivation to make people’s lives just a little bit better drives everything we do.
We'll work with you
We’re big believers in the power of collaboration – in working with you to identify what’s needed and what will really transform your business.

Central to this is our desire to understand not only your key objectives but also your end-users or ‘people on the ground’. By getting a feel for who they are, what makes them tick and the challenges they’re facing, we’re able to build the right tools in the right way.
Experienced and nimble
We've been developing apps for over seven years, which in app terms means we’re seasoned veterans.

In saying that, we’re constantly growing – everything from the size of our team, to our knowledge, capability and skills.

That’s because we’re passionate about delivering each job in the smartest, most innovative way possible, using the very latest technology.
We'll relish in your success
There's nothing better than helping our clients to excel – whether that comes from enhanced productivity, improved communication, or exceptional customer and user-engagement.

We’re take great pride not only in our work but in all it’s helping our clients to achieve.
We're responsive and strategic
Our approach is inherently strategic, so once we have a good understanding of what you’d like to achieve, we’ll provide you with a clear overview of the steps we’d suggest taking and what the process will involve.

But we’re pragmatic too. So if you have any short-term frustrations we can address quickly and easily we’ll be only too happy to help
iOS Specialists
We always strive to provide the best applications we can. For enterprise where scalability and usability are key, that means developing native apps for iPad and iPhone on iOS.

By diving deep into one platform we ensure we can bring the latest technologies and ideas to every project. The result is highly efficient development, greater innovation and deep integration with existing systems. Ultimately it’s about our clients receiving the maximum benefit from their investment in technology.
We care
It mightn’t be the norm but we tend to end up really identifying with and caring about the people we build for.

At the end of a project, we’re happiest if the software we’ve created can melt into the background, leaving people free to get on with the things they want (and need) to do with maximum ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

For us, that’s success.


We’re always keen to hear from businesses and organisations with big plans and ideas. Make contact and we’ll get together to discuss how we can help.

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